Premium Wax Undercoating for Vehicles

Protect your vehicle from corrosive salt brine and prevent rust with our one-time application wax undercoating. Here at Matt’s Wash & Wax, we’ve been using the same proven formula for over 10 years.

Do you know what makes our undercoating standout from the rest? Our wax undercoating doesn’t break down overtime leaving bare metal to be exposed to the elements. Some undercoating’s VOID factory warrantees, not ours! While our product works best on vehicle that haven’t seen a Vermont Winter, our wax undercoating is still effective at slowing down existing rust. Another great benefit is that our rust proofing acts like a noise dampener, reducing road noise. For years, our customers have been driving straight from the dealership to protect their brand-new vehicles here at Matt’s Wash & Wax. Call and find out how you can save $50 while protecting your investment with our ceramic coating and wax undercoating discount. 

We can even pick up your vehicle FREE if you’re local. Non-local pickups and deliveries cost $20.

Vehicle Wax Undercoating Pricing




A multi-vehicle discount is available.

Safeguard Your Vehicle From Salt Brine

Winter can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle, especially when snow is involved. Salt brine that’s placed on the roads will tarnish your vehicle’s undercarriage. Protect your vehicle from salt brine with a wax undercoating from our family-operated company. Receive a FREE estimate when you call 802-373-8492.

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