Premium Wax Undercoating for Vehicles

Protect your vehicle from corrosive salt brine and rust with a one-time wax undercoating from Matt’s Wash & Wax.

Over time, oil breaks down and harms the environment. Our wax truck and car undercoating will give you better results than an oil undercoating because it’ll last a lot longer.

The wax undercoating we use is designed to stop rust from forming and slow down existing rust. Do yourself a favor and try our wax undercoating today. Visit us at 127 Route 15.

We can even pick up your vehicle FREE if you’re local. Non-local pickups and deliveries cost $20.

Wax Undercoating in Jericho Vermont

Vehicle Wax Undercoating Pricing


Car Wax Undercoating


SUV Wax Undercoating


Truck Wax Undercoating

A multi-vehicle discount is available.

Safeguard Your Vehicle From Salt Brine

Winter can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle, especially when snow is involved. Salt brine that’s placed on the roads will tarnish your vehicle’s undercarriage. Protect your vehicle from salt brine with a wax undercoating from our family-operated company. Receive a FREE estimate when you call 802-373-8492.

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